Activity Description

Annul Photographic Rankings of China is a public recommendation activity concerning all the outstanding photographic works of China published in the previous year, which were rated by a 62-person recommendation committee from nationwide academic critical circles, creative circles, media, professional institutions, publishers, curation organizations, etc. According to its rules, every referee submits a list of photographic works that he/she wants to recommend to the sponsor, who will then give a calculation on all votes, and put the top 10 on the raking list to be reviewed. In the meanwhile, five final review committee members will be voted out from the 62 referees and will give a final review on the listed works after the publication. Discrepancies of thinking, arts, the laws and regulations, and activities rules will be considered, and works with same quantities of votes will be screened out in the final review, which will give the final list. The works recommended in this activity shall be made by photographers of Chinese nationality (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), without gender, age, profession, and major limitations, except for the staff of the sponsor. The creation time and techniques, art type, and previous prize of the works has no limitations either. The only requirement is that they were firstly published or exhibited as special works on professional media, exhibition institutions, and publishing agencies during the period from Jan 1st, 2012 to August 31st, 2013.